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BBQ Rib Bundle

BBQ Rib Bundle

Summertime Sipping with our BBQ Rib Bundle!  Order one bundle to receive 10% off.  Double down and order two or more bundles to receive 20% off!  We are including the shipping to make this the easiest order ever, plus a branded wine opener and wine pourer!

What's in the box?

3 Bottles of 2022 M Cab
M is a tribute to the mavericks: those who came before us, who farmed this area with grit and determination, and those who continue the legacy today with mettle and moxie.

Blackberry, chocolate-raspberry, espresso roast coffee, au jus, cardamom, cigar box, new leather, dense, youthful tannin, persistent finish.  20% New Oak

2 Bottles of 2021 High on the Hog Red Wine
High on the Hog is a wine you can drink for any occasion. Around the holiday dinner table in the Myers house, my grandmother would always look proudly around at her family all gathered around the dishes piled high with food, and say, “we are really living high on the hog, aren’t we?” This blend is in memory of Grandma and her joy at seeing the family doing well.

Delicate lily and cotton candy aromatics, fresh black Tartarian cherries, briar-fruit cobbler, satsuma plum preserves, chocolate covered blueberries, dandelion root tea, muddled spearmint, the palate is soft, sateen, yet energetic, lively, and full of mouthwatering juiciness. 

1 Bottle of 2023 Beautiful Earth Rosé
60% Grenache, 30% Mourvédre, 5% Clairette Blanche, 5% Grenache Blanc

Strawberry-guava, Pacific madrone berries, nadal plum, pepino melon, raspberry granita, peach syrup, freesia, lemon verbena. The palate is suave yet youthful and energetic; refreshing, mouthwatering acidity enlivens the finish.

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